lives and works in Bremen. Currently studying at the University of the Arts Bremen.

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Begegnung, 2017-2018

It is raining. Let this book therefore be, before all else, a book about ordinary rain. Malebranche wondered 'why it rains upon sands, upon highways and seas', since this water from the sky which, elsewhere, waters crops (and that is very good), adds nothing to the water of the sea ...

Do humans dream of machines?

Do humans dream of machines?, 2018

Should the relationship between man and machine be defined as subordinate? The question ‘Do humans dream of machines?’ represents a negative feedback loop between human and machine. Each of the eight coolers is equipped with a miniature harmonica which generates sound when the cooler is activated. Each module has a built-in ...


bit, 2018

The installation ‘bit’ represents a natural random process based on the principle of a Markov chain. Each machine consists of "information" engraved on the read head and an "event" caused by the operation of the motor. Machines are linked together based on a Markov chain algorithm to influence events ...


Loss, 2018

‘Loss’ is a project that calculates the loss of electrical resistance from a decaying tree and generates a glitch in a digital image according to the amount of electrical resistance loss. This demonstrates the functional equivalence relation ...


Apartments, 2017

This project simulates the corrosion and corruption of walls and corners in human living spaces through a cellular automata algorithm. Increasingly proliferating apartment components invade our space just like we do to nature ...


Spuren, 2016

Leaves, trees, concrete, soil and fingerprint.